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AP Loan Wavier List or AP Loan Wavier Status of RythuRuna Mafi for Phase 2 and Phase 1 Check Now at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in.....
After a long gap almost six months, the RythuRuna Mafi in Andhra Pradesh has came to reality for farmers. But the main concern seems to be that the farmers are not sure whether they are among the chosen few by the banks and the also about the amount of benefit they are going to get. AP Land Records and Adangals

How to Know Your AP Loan Wavier Status of Rythu Runa Mafi

The farmers are confused over few months even though they were strictly asked by the government not to pay, but there was a consistent demand from banks for repayment. The government took so many months showing reasons like screening exercise, different lists and perpetual postponement of waiver, which finally made the farmers with no option left but to take what ever is offered by the government.

Where as the banks are also feeling the same kind of confusion and pressure as they are asked to follow several parameters to screen the final list of beneficiaries. Finally every one has to wait for the final list which is expected from the main branch in Hyderabad with still some uncertainties on the whole exercise.
Rythu Runa Mafi List
The government to the surprise of farmers brought down the total AP Loan Wavier burden from Rs 87,000 crore to Rs 20,000 crore. The total number of eligible farmers’ accounts fell by 50 per cent after thorough verification by banks. After the whole screening and short-listing process that was followed, the 1.5 crore farmers’ accounts have been brought down to 15 lakh family accounts.

The disbursement of amount is also been given in phases and not at a single go. Most of the farmers are confused on what basis this disbursement has been decided as it is varying from one to another. The list released now is only phase-1 and there can be further list of beneficiaries follows up in near future.

As far as the information from various sources the parameters that government considered to arrive at the final figures are Aadhaar cards, ration cards, State Residence Data Hub and revenue records.

The official web page to Check your AP Loan Wavier List or AP Loan Wavier Status of RythuRuna Mafi for Phase 2 and Phase 1 at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in/loanstatus/, and

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